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Vibration Therapeutic™ started with the concept:

Circulation is the Cure™

Human body self-healing is capable and fundamental, however, such a capabilities is often overlooked by many.

For self-healing to play a great role, our blood circulation needs to be effective and efficient to pump in oxygen and nutrient, and take out wastes. Circulation is the Cure!

Not Enough Circulation

cardio exercise

Computer and automation "relieve" people from many physical activities. Office clerks sit with poor postures; machine operators work with simple repetitive movements. Many modern occupational illnesses and injuries derive from poor work and life habbits. Without good blood circulation, especially micro-circulation, we may not be able to effectively recover from daily incremental illnesses and injuries, which may accumulate and can cause hard-to-recover chronic damage to our bodies. Cardio exercises can certainly improve circulation. However, our busy daily schedule may prevent us from getting enough cardio exercises to keep up with the needed circulation. Various cardiovascular diseases also directly contribute to poor blood circulation. Unfortunately, changing work and life style may not be a practical option for many people.

Vibration, a Practical Solution

Whole body vibration can be an effective way to improve blood circulation. It can be supplemental to physical exercises to enhance their effectiveness. In some situations, or on certain micro level, whole body vibration could achieve better results than regular exercises could.

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In general, through blood circulation improvement and soft tissue activation, whole body vibration helps muscle stiffness release, pain reduction, muscle strength enhancement, muscle toning and bone density increase. Scientific researches on the effect of vibration therapy have proved whole body vibration help improve microcirculation, enhance bone density, and reduce organ stress. Vibration machine can be used for the purpose of weight management, muscle toning and pain reduction. The research results suggest that people with physical weakness can use whole body vibration to minimize stress on joints and ligaments, and thus achieving many benefits of exercise.

Vibration machines are convenient to use. It actually help relax after your whole day work. The machine can save time and multiply the result, bringing a healthy life style to your busy schedule.

Introducing Vibration Therapeutic™

At Vibration Therapeutic, our goal is to make vibration therapy and fitness readily available and affordable for daily use in your apartment, house or office. We promote vibration therapy as a strong supplemental solution for healthy life.

We design and manufacture a series of well-built high quality vibration machines that provide a variety of fitness and therapeutical benefits. Our products are built to last with high quality material, parts and components, crafted with refined manufacturing processes.

We are committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction.



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