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VT007 vs VT003F

VT007 and VT003F are both linear vibration machines that use motor and eccentric wheels assembly to generate high frequency vibration. Both machines have adjustable frequency range and two amplitude setting. This comparison will help you better understand both machines.

VT003F was originally designed by Jintuo Mechanical & Electrical Manufacturing Co. Ltd. SpecsPro acquired its design in 2018 and made many improvements. So far over 8000 units of VT003F have been sold in the US. Its performance, versatility, movement pattern and intensity have been approved as favorable and effective by most users. Many life changing stories.

As we continued to improve the quality and performance of VT003F, we came to a fundamental constrain of the original design: VT003F has too many parts for a machine that vibrate at high frequency. We decided to design a new model that is more reasonable. After two year's efforts and many prototypes, here comes our linear vibration plate model VT007.

Specifications Comparisons

Model# VT007 VT003F
Photos VT003F high frequency vibration plate power plate vibration plate
Frequency 15 - 40Hz Adjustable 15 - 40Hz Adjustable
Amplitude Lo 0.7 - 1.2 mm 1.2 - 1.8 mm
Amplitude Hi 1.5 - 3.0 mm 1.3 - 3.1 mm
Max G-Force 3.86 without load 3.13 without load
Motor Rated Power DC 80W DC 80W
Max Load 308 lb / 140 kg 264 lb / 120kg
Machine Weight Main Body: 21.5 lb
Control Box: 1.5 lb
26 lb
Dimensions 22"x16"x5.7" 22"x19"x7.1"
Work Surface 22" x 16"
560 x 420 mm
20.5" x 15"
520 x 420 mm

User-Friendly Design

VT007's machine body is smaller and lighter because its control box is separated from the machine body, and the EVA mat sinks into the platform surface. This allows VT007 to provide a slightly larger work surface area.

VT007 is also designed shorter by lowering the motor / eccentric wheels assembly into the hole on the base plate.

VT007's work surface is entirely flat, compared with VT003F having 4 raised up caps covering the spring. This allows user easier to place other exercise equipment on top of the vibration machine, like placing the base plate of a X3 Bar system.

When vibrated, impact and friction between assembled parts produce annoying high pitch mechanical noise . With reduced parts and assemblies, VT007 produces less high pitch noise.

Better Performance and Durability

VT007 achieves better frequency response at the frequency above 30Hz. This is because the rubber spring has longer elasticity range, and the resonance frequency of the solid machine body is higher. This allow VT007 to achieve higher maximum G-force compared to VT003F.

The simplified structure and refined material increase the reliability and durability of VT007.

VT007 VT003 side by side comprison
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