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VT027 Pivotal Oscillation Plate

VT027 is a powerful pivotal oscillation plate built on a thin machine body.

The core advantage of VT027 is its patented twin-coupler four-bar linkage device, which allow a high strength high durability pivotal oscillation plate built in the thinnest (4.5") machine body with a decent-sized exercise plate and high vibration amplitude.


VT027 Pivotal Oscillation Plate

Tech Specs

Vibration Pattern Pivotal Oscillation
Vibration Frequency Range 5Hz – 14Hz incremental in 20 speed levels
Max Vibration Amplitude 10mm
Max G-force 2.97
Power Supply AC 110V-120V 60Hz
Motor 200W PMDC motor
Machine Dimension 630x400x115 mm
24.8x15.7x4.5 inch
Machine weight 12.5KG
Package weight 14.5KG
Max User Weight 120KG

Twin-Coupler Four-Bar Linkage Device

Four-bar linkage device is the core component of a pivotal oscillation plates. This device transfers motor rotation to up-and-down oscillation. The coupler bar is the most stressful part of a four-bar linkage device.

Most manufacturers adopt a sandwich structure for their coupler design. This structure comprises a nylon main body at the middle and two sheet metal brackets screwed on the two sides. The benefit of such a design is that nylon's flexibility lowered the threshold for parts and assembly precision requirement, and therefore lowered the manufacturing cost. The needed strength for the coupler bar is made up by the sheet metal brackets screwed on the nylon body.

The drawback of such a design is that the nylon bar tends to reach material fatigue faster. The repeated stress and deformation produced from vibration speed up the fatigue process of the nylon bar, causing the four-bar linkage device to fail prematurely.

This is a reason that pivotal oscillation plates are usually designed to run at lower oscillation frequency.

Our patented twin-coupler four-bar linkage device is specially designed with two coupler bars made of aluminum alloy. The device is much more strong and durable due to the reduced stress and enhance material strength.

The twin-coupler four-bar linkage device is small sized and still delivers the same up-and-down displacement (vibration amplitude). This allows a high performance pivotal oscillation plate built on a thin machine body.

At the height of only 4.5 inch, VT027 is the shortest pivotal oscillation plate in the market that can achieve a 10 mm vibration amplitude on a decent size exercise plate.

Below is the comparison of the patented twin-coupler linkage device and a traditional single coupler linkage device.

Patented Twin Coupler Design Traditional Single Coupler Design
twin-coupler oscillation single coupler oscillation
  • Machined aluminum 6061 parts ensure the material performance and durability.
  • Two coupler bars balance the pulling and pushing force and reduce the stress.
  • Enhanced stability and strength.
  • Compact four-bar linkage device reduces the machine size.
  • Requires higher parts and assembly precision.
  • Sandwich structure with nylon body enhanced with sheet metal.
  • High stress on the coupler bar
  • Nylon material tolerates certain deformation and therefore lower the requirements on parts and assembly precision.
  • Nylon reaches material fatigue faster in the repeated stress and deformation.

Push-up Bars Incorporated

vibration push-up bars

Another important feature of VT027 is a pair of detachable push-up bars is incorporated with the vibration exercise plate for enhanced upper-body exercises. Four pairs of plugging socket positions are designed for exercising chest muscles, shoulder muscles, back muscles, triceps and more. User can also creatively use the push-up bars for other upper-body exercises.

When not used, the push-up bars can be conveniently stored in their compartments at the backside of the machine. Pop-down caps are designed to cover the push-up bar sockets on the exercise plate. When the push-up bars are not plugged in, the exercise plate surface is flat.

VT027 Push-up Bar Positions
Vibration Plate Push-up

Solid Steel Frame

The upper frame and the lower frame are both whole-piece welded thick steel parts. In our design, efforts are made to reduce the number of parts, and minimize the use of bolts and nuts. Less parts mean less assembly and less friction in the movement, making the machine more stable and less noisy.

oscillation plate structure

Clean Contour & Fine Finish

VT027 adopts a simple and clean design style. Its geometric fashion contour demonstrates the precision of the ABS injection mold that is used to form the shell of the machine. The smooth and even matte finish stresses the perfect shape. The thick elastic coating is comfortable to touch and long lasting.

Vibration Plate finishing

The Machine Jumping Problem

Depending on the floor situation, when VT027 vibrates at high speed, usually above speed level 16 ( above 12Hz frequency), if there is no body weight on the exercise plate, the vigorous vibration can throw up the vibration plate, causing it to jump on the floor.

The video clip bellow demonstrates a no-load VT027 jumping on the floor running at high speed level.


Keep your body weight on the machine to prevent it from jumping.

The machine jumping, on the other hand, showcases the vibration intensity that VT027 can achieve.

The jumping problem only happens when there is no body weight on the machine. This problem could be resolved by increasing machine weight. However, we decide to keep the light weight and small size attributes that are desirable for a home-use machine.

There will not be jumping problem when user is on the vibration plate. So please always keep your body on the machine when the vibration is running.

Putting a soft mat beneath the machine can create some friction and buffer between the machine and the floor, and ease or avoid the machine jumping problem.

More Machine Views & Accessories

VT027 top view
VT027 Top View
VT027 Bottom View
VT027 Front and Back View
vibration plate accessories
VT027 Accessories

Where to purchase VT027

VT027 Pivotal Oscillation Plate are available for purchase at either our Amazon Store or our e-commerce store. The terms and conditions are the same:

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