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VT Vibration Plates

VIBRATION THERAPEUTIC ® offers two types of vibration plate: linear vibration and pivotal oscillation. Most vibration plates offered in the market fall into these two categories, but they may be called different names by different sellers.

Linear vibration plates provide higher frequency vibration at lower amplitude. Pivotal oscillation plates provide lower frequency vibration at at higher amplitude.

The movement pattern of the two type of vibration plates are also different, so are their impacts to human body.

After making and selling many models of both types of vibration machines in the past a few years, Vibration Therapeutic have refined the design and manufacturing processes of two models, VT003F linear vibration plate and VT027 pivotal oscillation plate. As a small company, such a focused strategy allow us to do better jobs in continuous improvement of product quality and service level.

VT Vibration Plate Models

Tech Specs Comparison

Model# VT003F VT027
Movement Pattern Linear Vibration Pivotal Oscillation
Vibration Frequency 15-40 Hz 5-14 Hz
Max Amplitude* 1.5mm-3mm 10 mm
Amplitude Settings 2 -
Max G-force** 3.13 2.97
Recommended Body Weight 264 LB 264 LB
Machine Weight 25.8 LB 27.5 LB
Motor Power 80 W 200 W
* For VT003F, the amplitude is measured at no-load condition.

Structure & Attribute Comparison

VT003F VT027 / VT020-3
Linear Vibration
Linear Vibration Animation
High frequency / Low amplitude
Pivotal Oscillation
Pivotal Oscillation Animation
Low frequency / High amplitude
Built on a skeleton of a welded steel structure. Upper and lower plates made of ABS plastic. Core vibration unit is an assembly of a motor and 3 pair of eccentric wheels. Built on a skeleton of a welded steel structure. Upper and lower plates made of ABS plastic. Core vibration unit is a planar four-bar linkage device, driven by the motor through a rubber belt.
The eccentric wheels rotate with the motor to create a centrifugal force, which drives the exercise plate to move in a circling pattern: up-and-down, forth-and-back. Motor rotation is converted to the rocker bar's up-and-down movement, which drags the exercise plate to swing around the center pivotal axis, creating a sea-saw motion.
High noise VT003F Noise Report Low Noise

User Experience Comparison

VT003F VT027 / VT020-3
Some people experience nausea or dizziness. That is because linear vibration plate transmits vibration to the upper body and head. Most people can be trained to gradually adapt the vibration. Pivotal oscillation plates usually do not cause discomfort. The see-saw moving plate shakes the upper body horizontally, and the body flexibility offsets most vibration above the waist.
The resonance effect created by high frequency vibration induces intensive muscle contraction. The muscles are tensed, and therefore do not swing. No resonance effect due to the lower frequency range. Muscles do not contract much, and therefore the loose muscles appear to swing high.
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