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Vibration Noise of VT003F

Vibration plates produce mechanical noises and sound wave noises. Mechanical noises are produced due to the friction of moving parts, like bearings and springs. Also, when vibrated, assembled parts can become more or less lose and impact each other to produce mechanical noise. In the case of VT003F, the machine's upper and lower platforms are made of ABS material. The two plates are screwed on the welded metal tube frames. When this structure is vibrated at high frequency, the gaps between the ABS platform and the connecting steel frame allow these two parts impact each other and produce mechanical noise. Beside mechanical noises, the vibration generate sound wave noises, which become audible when the vibration frequency is above 20Hz. The higher the vibration frequency, the higher the noises level for both type of noises. Resonance effect also contributes to the noise level if the structure and material is not well designed.

SpecsPro has been making a lots of efforts to reduce VT003F's mechanical noise. We know for a machine designed for household use, noise level is critical for user experience. In 2018 and 2019, through optimized design, improved parts precision, higher material performance and better assembly processes, we have had some major achievements in mechanical noise reduction. The improvement information can be found on the VT003F detail page.

Below is the VT003F noise measurement report on random samples of 2019 model.

VT003F Vibration Plate Noise Measurement

measure EMF
Sound Level Meter:
RISEPRO Sound Level Meter
Frequency Range: 31.5Hz-8KHz
Measuring Range: 30-130dB
Frequency Weighting: A
Resolution: 0.1 dB
The testing samples are 6 units of VT003F High Frequency Vibration Plates randomly selected from one production batch (2019 version)
The source is selected at the center of the footplate (right above the motor).
Distance from Source:
The meter is held vertically above the source in the distances of 6 inches.

Below is the measurement results.

VT003F Vibration Plate Noise Level Measurement
Frequency ↓ Amplitude Lo Amplitude Hi
@ 15 Hz 46 - 48 dBA 46 - 49 dBA
@ 20 Hz 48 - 49 dBA 50 - 51 dBA
@ 25 Hz 51 - 53 dBA 51 - 55 dBA
@ 30 Hz 56 - 59 dBA 54 - 59 dBA
@ 35 Hz 57 - 62 dBA 58 - 65 dBA
@ 40 Hz 58 - 64 dBA 59 - 65 dBA

Maximum noise level measured on VT003F is between 59 dBA and 65 dBA, at the highest vibration frequency (40Hz) and Hi amplitude setting.

Noise Level Comparisons

Noise Level Unit: dBA
Quite basement 20
Living room 40
Library 40
Large office 50
Freeway traffic 70
Heavy traffic 85
Noisy restaurant 85
Electric Appliances
Refrigerator 50-55
Electric toothbrush 50-60
Washing machine 50-75
Dishwasher 55-70
VT003F @ highest level 59-65
Vacuum Cleaner 60-85
Hair dryer 60-95



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