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About Us

Vibration Therapeutic® is a business division of SpecsPro LLC that is dedicated to the development, manufacturing and marketing of high quality vibration plates.

Established in 2010, SpecsPro LLC is specialized in engineering design and manufacturing of mechanical and electrical products. We make high quality parts, components and machineries in our affiliated OEM factories in China and deliver to the global market.


The brand Vibration Therapeutic® is about our enthusiasm in the promotion of the health benefits of vibration therapy, as well as our dedication in the manufacturing and delivery of high quality vibration machines. The brand also represents the highest service level and customer satisfaction.

Through our dedicated research and active communications with numerous vibration plate users, we have gained in-depth understanding about the mechanism of various vibration patterns and their impact on human body.

Most importantly, we have learned about what does it take to make a better vibration plate, and we keep continuous improvement in our production and quality control processes.

Home-use vibration machines are the focusing area of our design and engineering efforts. Our goal is to make high quality durable vibration plates more affordable and convenient to use.

We have established a vertically integrated process, from product development, manufacturing, shipping, warehousing to order fulfillment. We cost-effectively deliver our diligently crafted product solutions to customers around the world. We assure our consumers with our exceptional customer services and the most favored product warranty terms.

Vibration Therapeutic EMM Factory

ISO 9001 certified

The original equipment manufacturer of VIBRATION THERAPEUTIC ® series whole body vibration machines is Zhejiang Jintuo Mechanical & Electrical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Jintuo specializes in manufacturing vibration machines and other fitness equipment for US and European market. Zhejiang Jintuo produce and ship annually over 300,000 units of whole body vibration machines to the global market.

vibration plate factory Jintuo Main Office Building

Zhejiang Jintuo is located at Yongkang, Zhejiang Province, China. An area that the majority of vibration plate machines in the global market are made from. The area is a regional manufacturing hub that hosts factories of various specialties, suppliers of wide range of parts and components, and a large pool of engineers and skilled workers.

Zhejiang Jintuo Mechanical & Electrical was established in 1984 as a sheet metal fabrication and steel tube welding shop. The founders, brothers Lin Wei and Lin Bo, took over and transferred their father's small sheet metal fabrication shop to a fitness equipment factory. The manufacturing operations were developed from their strong hands-on workshop background and young entrepreneur spirits.

vibration plate showroom Jintuo Vibration Plate Showroom 1

Today, Zhejiang Jintuo is a large size manufacturer with over 800 employees, all working in its robustly equipped 50,000 square meter factory complex in a single location. In the recent 10 years, the factory has been focusing on manufacturing vibration machines and high-end fitness equipment. Zhejiang Jintuo's manufacturing capabilities are vertically integrated. The majority of production processes are in-house, including designing, engineering, prototyping, tube and sheet metal cutting, bending, pressing, welding, sand blasting, plastic mold injection, finishing, coating, testing and packaging. The production lines are equipped with advanced CNC laser tube cutting machines, CNC sheet metal cutting machines, robot welding and manual welding lines, press machine lines, assembly lines, powder coating lines, and testing labs, etc.

vibration plate exhibition Jintuo Vibration Plate Showroom 2

Zhejiang Jintuo is the original equipment manufacturer of many many global vibration plate brand names. Jintuo developed the original forms of many popular vibration plate models in the market. Through years of continued improvement, Jintuo's production processes are well developed, achieved high quality and high consistency.

Zhejiang Jintuo is ISO9001:2000 certified for quality system, and ISO14001:2004 certified for management system. Other certificates achieved including TUV, SGS, CE, GB17498.6-2008, CQC, and CCC etc.

❏ Picture Gallery of Zhejiang Jintuo's Manufacturing Facilities

  • raw-material-shop
    Raw material warehouse
  • laser cutting machine for pipe
    CNC laser cutting machine for pipe cutting
  • work cutting pipes
    Worker operates on CNC laser pipe cutting machine
  • CNC laser pipe cutting in action
    CNC laser pipe cutting in action
  • CNC laser sheet matel cutting machine
    CNC laser sheet metal cutting machine
  • plaxtic mold injection line
    Plastic mold injection production lines
  • press machine lines
    Press machine lines
  • heavy press machines
    Heavy duty press machines
  • robot welding lines
    Ventilated robot arc welding line 1
  • CNC laser pipe cutting in action
    A Robot arc welding machine station in action
  • robot welding line
    Ventilated robot arc welding line 2
  • manual welding line
    Ventilated manual arc welding line
  • work cutting pipes
    SpecsPro's vibration machine model VT003F is on the assembly line.
  • CNC laser pipe cutting in action
    Operator is working on vibration machine VT003F assembly
  • powder coating line
    Powder coating line
  • liquid painting
    Metal parts cleaning and hanged for powder coating
  • powder spraying
    Operator manually sprays coating powder on metal frame to assure even coating with no dead corner
  • parts read to transport to oven for powder coating
    Powder coating inspection in place
  • finishing before painting
    Finishing before painting
  • parts read to transport to oven for powder coating
    Liquid painting for plastic parts
  • VT003F assembled and inspected
    VT003F vibration machine assembled and inspected
  • VT003F packed for shipping
    Finished VT003F vibration machine packed and ready to ship
  • VT003F assembled and inspected
    Factory located at Yongkang Science and Technology Industrial Park
  • VT003F packed for shipping
    PMDC motor and eccentric wheel assembly is the core component of VT003F vibration machine.


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