From White Label to Proprietary Design

The Story of Vibration Therapeutic®

Greeting from Minnesota!

Hi, this is Jay Tang. My wife Xia Huang and I own and operate this vibration plate business.

Before making vibration plates, we make custom machining parts for machinery manufacturers in the US. From this job, we have accumulated great experiences in product development and supply chain management. As we witnessed the opportunities that ecommerce brought to millions of small businesses, we decided to make our own finish products to sell on the internet. In 2017, we started this business from our garage at Eagan, Minnesota.

Through our network of manufacturers, we chose to make vibration plates. We considered this type of products fits our capabilities well. Xia and I are both from mechanical engineering background.

When I first saw a vibration plate, I did not know what it could really do for health improvement. Manufacturers promoted these kinds of machines for "shaking off fat", which I have never believed. Nevertheless, I thought the unique influence that vibration plate could apply on our body may be useful. There were quite a lot scientific studies on vibration therapy.

As a startup, I wanted to target a niche market for a better chance to build a brand. This could be it. Large companies would not be interesed in making and promoting this type of machines.

We began with making white label vibration plates from existing models developed by a Chinese OEM factory - Jintuo Mechanical & Electrical Manufacturing Ltd.

For our first production, I picked up 3 vibration plate models out of over 30 existing models designed by Jintuo, and made some cosmetic changes on these models. Of course, I made up a label - Vibration Therapeutic™, and have them put on those vibration plates.

The first shipment, a full 40' ocean container load of vibration plates, made its way to our warehouse in Minnesota in Oct, 2017. I then listed these products on Amazon.

VT003F - an initial success

Our initial success came from VT003F, a linear vibration plate model that became recognized by many customers for providing similar experience and performance like Power Plate.

Customers were happy and reported various health benefits. We were very encouraged. That was when I started to seriously look into what vibration can do for health. (visit my blog website:

As we sold more VT003F vibration plates, I learned about the quality issues of this model. I dismantled every returned defective machine to pieces, took detail notes, and worked out a list of improvement tasks.

In 2018, I acquired the exclusive right of VT003F's design from Jintuo and started to invest in redesigning and tooling for better quality.

The improved VT003F started to gain popularity in the market. So far, we have sold over 12000 units of VT003F in the US. From the over 500 authentic product reviews on Amazon, you can see VT003F is well received for its effectiveness for many health improvement applications. Our exceptional customer services were highly regarded.

The Design Constrain of VT003F

In my efforts to improve VT003F, however, I encountered a fundamental constraint of its original design: VT003F has too many parts for a machine that vibrates at a high frequency range. Also, too many assembly steps add accumulated errors, causing production consistence issues. The quality of VT003F heavily relies on workmanship.

VT007 Initiative

I decided to make a new model with a better design. The new model would keep VT003F's vibration patterns, parameters, and functions, but re-engineered with integrated structure and refined materials to reduce the number of parts and assemblies. I named it VT007.

design vibration plate

My VT007 initiative came with two simple concepts:

  • Less parts and less assemblies are more reasonable for a machine that generates vibration; and,
  • Reduced assembly process means product quality less relying on workmanship, and therefore achieving better consistency.

In our effort to reduce parts, we integrated the components and eliminated unnecessary decorative parts. Parts stay in their original material color and texture without coating or other cover-up. The overall machine structure is a nice industrial style, open and revealing. Defective parts would easily be discovered and avoided. Maintenance or repair, if ever needed, will be easy.

vibration control box
Separated Plug-in Type Control Box

Another major change is that the control console is designed as a separated plug-in type box. It is not mounted on the machine body, so the vibration does not transmit to the circuit boards and the electronic components. Therefore, the product life is extended and the vibration noise is reduced.

Probably the best ever made

Although a vibration plate is not a complicated machine, it takes several rounds of prototyping, re-design, re-tooling and change of material combination to make it right, and to achieve the desired vibration pattern, frequency and amplitude.

After a year and half, we finalized the new model design, a robust, durable and reliable linear vibration plate with improved usability and performance - a Double O Seven was created.

VT007 is so reasonably and logically designed for its purpose. It is probalby the best home-use linear vibration plate ever made. I invited a dozen VT003F users to test-use VT007 for comparison. The feedback were strongly positive. In June 2021, we launched VT007 in the US.

a milestone

With the launch of VT007, Vibration Therapeutic® has advanced from a white label to a proprietary design.

customers deserve a 10 year warranty

A few months after VT007 is launched in the market, we decided to extend our product warranty term from 2 year to 10 year.

Customers deserve a 10 year warranty for a machine that they intend to use on daily basis as a life style.

With the knowledge of the potential quality issues and the defective statistics of the vibration plates we have made and sold in the past five years, plus a great confidence on VT007, I believe extending a 10 year warranty will provide great customer satisfaction without much impact on our bottom line.

We set aside sufficient fund reserve and replacement parts inventory to back our 10 year product warranty terms.

I know for a 5 year old company, a 10 year warranty more sounds like a good attitude. Who knows if this company would exist in the next year. I bet you would, for a business that is so dedicated to product quality, and so care about their customers. It can't fail.


primitive manufacturing

Thank you for coming this far with me. I would like to share with you my insights about manufacturing and quality control in making vibration plates.

Vibration plate manufacturing is certainly not a rocket science, but actually the opposite.

vibration plate assembly worker a worker assembles a VT003F

In general, the manufacturing processes for making vibration plate is relatively primitive from modern industry perspective. There is no set of industrial standard in terms of designing, raw material, parts, components, quality standard, and testing equipment etc. There is very limited or no production automation. The production is labor intensive. Product quality heavily relies on workmanship.

Small workshops in China can quickly set up an assembly line to make vibration plates. All parts, components or even processes are outsourced. The production lacks predictability, and the quality lacks consistency.

a ventilated robot welding line at Jintuo

Large factories like our OEM factory Jintuo Mechanical & Electrical Manufacturing is more vertically integrated. They have key parts, components and assemblies made in-house for better quality control. For outsourced parts and components, they have reliable suppliers for quality and stability. They have better bargaining power but they don't necessarily go to the cheapest source, for trust and consistence.

in-house vs outsourcing

It is not that in-house manufacturing is always superior to outsourcing. It depends on the specialty capability needed for a specific part or component.

VT003F control console

For example, VT003F's major quality issue is with its control console. The control console is assembled in JTME's facility with purchased PCB boards, connectors and switches. After mounted on the machine, the control console is then tested for functions.

JTME does not have advanced testing equipment for testing the circuits and electronic components. This is a fundamental issue for assembling the VT003F control console in-house at JTME.

For VT007, its control console is designed as a separated control box, so that we can have it entirely made by a reliable EMS that is specialized in PCB applications. The EMS has the specialized process, facilities, and testing equipment for the qualify assurance of the VT007 control box.

the challenges

In general, it's a challenge for any vibration plate manufacturer due to the lack of quality consistency, absence of industrial standard, primitive production process and heavy reliance on workmanship. I am not surprised to see an average defective rate above 3% for all vibration plates sold in the market. We had been there.

Control console circuit is always the single dominant weak link for any factory making vibration machines due to their primitive manufacturing process. A loose wiring, a cold joint soldering, or a low grade electronic component can shorten the circuit life, or fail it on a load surge.

continuous improvement eccentric wheel quality

Customers always deserve a better product. There are always improvements to make and defects to eliminate. What we can really assure is our dedication. We know where the problems will most likely happen, so we try to fix the problem. With all efforts, there are still quality problems. If they happen, we are already prepared to make the correction, within days.

We watch very closely to avoid systemic quality problems in our entire manufacturing process.

For VT003F, we have about 2% defective rate in the first year of use. Usually the first 3 months put the machine for a good test. After passing the first year, it should hold all fine for a long time. However, we will gradually phase out VT003F, replacing it with the better designed VT007. Will just keep sufficient inventory for replacement parts for the promised 10 year warranty service.

VT007 control box easy to replace

I believe the systematic quality issues of VT007 have mostly been resolved. For isolated quality issues, customers can surely rely on our superior customer service and fast response to warranty claim.

Currently VT007 has about 1% - 1.5% defective rate. Most defective issues are with the control console. However, because its control console is a separated plug-n-play box, replacing the control box is effortless. We ship out a replacement control box same day or the next day after a warranty claim is received.

industrial style

As a handyman who recently replaced AC refrigerant on his Honda CRV, I love VT007's industrial style. It is open and revealing. Part can be easily replaced. With a screwdriver and a few wrenches, VT007 can be easily dismantled and reassembled.

You already know that the control box can be easily replaced. The next thing that may need repair is the motor. Our motor defective rate is extremely low. The DC motor of VT003F and VT007 has a designed life of 2000 to 3000 hours before its carbon brushes wear out. That will last for 15 years of daily household use.

After 15 years if your motor dies, you may replace the carbon brushes of the motor so your VT007 will have a new life.

Let's try not to dump more trash on the earth by choosing VT007.

Oh I forgot to mention bearings can also wear out, probably sooner than the motor. Bearings are tightly pressed on the motor shaft. Replacing it is much more difficult and requires special tools... but we can just get the motor assembly replaced. Remember, you can disamble and reassemble a VT007 with just a screwdriver and a couple of wrenches.

from perception to vision, then to passion

I was inspired and encouraged by so many success stories that our customers using VT003F to improve their health conditions. I also fixed my chronic knee problems using this machine.

I have decided to devote the rest of my career to making vibration plate and promoting vibration therapy.

From my understanding, vibration therapy is to utilize the unique rapidly repeated mechanical stimulation as a treatment intervention. It works by activating, exercising and promoting our own body system functionality and self-healing mechanism.

For treating some hard-to-diagnose hard-to-treat chronic health problems like circulation disorder, muscle / tendon / nerve damage, bone loss, balance and motor skills problem etc., vibration therapy has some unique advantages over mainstream medicine. It is safe and convenient to use, non-drug, and non-invasive.

Vibration therapy works through our own body mechanisms. It is fundamental.

join our endeavor

Vibration therapy is still new, I believe it has a great potential. If you believe the same, please consider joining us, being a customer, an affiliate, or a partner.

We are seeking professionals in health and fitness fields for partnership or affiliation. You may be the essential credential and expertise to this endeavor.

If you could take care of consultation, marketing and sales of our vibration plate, I could concentrate my energy on product development and quality improvement, a better value out of my capability.

This business needs to graduate from a mom-and-pop operation to a corporate undertake. I have a long-term business plan in my mind, with a great value proposition and a practical strategy, if you are interested to hear.

about our websites

I wrote all contents of our websites and product literature.

I provide detail information of each of our vibration plate models, about its structure, materials, mechanics, tech specs and quality issues, which I know very well because my stories are mainly about dealing with these matters.

My medical background is only about my own diligent studies and personal experiences, no formal medical education. Oftentimes, I see logical connections between my engineering background and life science.

I do a lot of online research on vibration therapy, I enjoy communicating with customers. I share my studies on my blog website

more about me and the business…

I have 30 years of combined experience in engineering, manufacturing, logistics and international trade. I brought my family to the US in 2002. Before I came, I worked in China in manufacturing and export for 12 years.

I got an MBA from University of St. Thomas in Minnesota, and a Master of Mechanical Engineering from Shanghai University.

My wife Xia also has an engineering background. She majored in material engineering and taught the same field in college before we moved to the States.

In our business operations, Xia handles purchasing, inventory planning and import operations. I take care of product development and customer service, which is an interesting combination of job functions. I found my customer service experience have been adding great value to my product development initiatives.

warehouse of vibration plate

We have a lean business operation. We outsource our order fulfillment operation to Strategic Warehousing, a reputable 3rd party warehousing service in Minnesota. We have Navegate, Inc to handle our international shipping and customs clearance. My ability in process management allows me to integrate and streamline the entire operations for efficiency and effectiveness.

VT009 vibration plate

Product development is essential for a long-term growth and success. I have many products ideas that are yet to be explored. This is another reason that I would like to focus on product development instead of sales and marketing.

Currently I am working on another linear vibration model - VT009. It is an all-metal structure with a larger exercise platform (640x480mm), 4mm amplitude. Brushless DC motor is adopted. It will come with an optional detachable handrail. This model is designed for athletes and other aggressive vibration training users.

I have had two round of VT009 prototyping done, but still not getting my desired results. I think the next prototype will be close to what I want. Stay tuned!

Jay Tang, October, 2022

Below video is me doing a VT007 unboxing video at my home office. Hello :-)

VT007 Unboxing Video by Jay Tang
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