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VT Vibration Plate Machines

Vibration Therapeutic® manufacture and distribute a series of high quality vibration plates designed for daily home use. The motion patterns and and parameters of our machines are carefully selected. They are well approved for bringing health benefits to thousands of users.

Through many years of continuous improvement in production and quality control processes, VT vibration plates have achieved high consistency in quality and performance.

VT series of vibration plate machines include linear vibration models and pivotal oscillation models.

Tech Specs Comparison

Model# VT003F/VT007 VT027
Movement Pattern Linear Vibration Pivotal Oscillation
Vibration Frequency 15-40 Hz (fast) 5-14 Hz (slow)
Max Amplitude 3mm* 10 mm
Amplitude Settings 2 -
Max G-force** 3.13 / 3.83 2.97
Recommended Max Body Weight 264 / 308LB 264LB
Machine Weight 25.8 / 24LB 27.5LB
Motor Power 80 W 200 W
* The amplitude is measured at no-load condition.

Structure & Attribute Comparison

VT003F / VT007 VT027 / VT020-3
Linear Vibration Animation Pivotal Oscillation Animation
Linear Vibration Pivotal Oscillation
High frequency / Low amplitude
(fast and small movement)
Low frequency / High amplitude
(slow and big movement)
Eccentric Wheel Device Planar 4-Bar Linkage Device
Motor rotates the eccentric wheels and create centrifugal force, which drives the spring supported upper plate to move in a circling pattern: up-and-down, forth-and-back. The springs regulate the vibration to create more vertical movement and less horizontal (forth and back) movement. Motor rotates the crank-bar through a pair of belt. The crank-bar drags the rocker-bar up and down through the connecting coupler-bar. The upper plate, which is the rocker-bar of the four-bar linkage system, is dragged to more up and down around a center pivotal axis, creating a sea-saw motion.
Required to use on a solid floor to avoid floor vibration. Does not vibrate floor as much compared to linear vibration plate.
Higher noise - VT003F Noise Report Lower noise

User Experience Comparison

VT003F / VT007 VT027 / VT020-3
Liner vibration plate can transmits vibration to the upper body and head. Some people experience nausea or dizziness because vibration upset their stomach and head. Most people can be trained to gradually adapt the vibration to the upper body and head. Knee bent and tiptoeing can help control and reduce the vibration transmitted to the upper body. Pivotal oscillation plates do not transmit vibration to the upper body. The body movement at the lower leg is mostly up and down, and gradually transferred to horizontal movement at the hip. The body flexibility offsets most vibration above the waist. User usually does not feel discomfort with this type of low frequency shake.
The resonance effect created by high frequency vibration induces intensive muscle contraction. The muscles are tensed, and therefore do not swing. No resonance effect due to the lower frequency range. Muscles do not contract much, and therefore the loose muscles appear to swing high.

Most vibration plates in the market are either linear vibration type or pivotal oscillation type. Some models have combined movement of both types.

Linear vibration and pivotal oscillation transfer vibration movement to human body in different ways. Their user experiences are very different. Linear vibration provides vibration mainly on vertical direction. Pivotal oscillator moves in sea-saw motion. Linear vibration can achieve higher frequency (15 - 50 Hz) but lower amplitude (usually 3mm max). Pivotal oscillation is usually designed to run below 15Hz but can achieve higher amplitude (8-10mm).

VT Products Development Background

For the past 10 years our OEM factory JTME Mechanical & Electrical Manufacturing Ltd has developed over 30 vibration plate models, covering various motion patterns, including linear vibration, pivotal oscillation and combined movements. As one of the earliest large scale manufacturers of home-use vibration plates, JTME is the original designer of many popular vibration plate models that you find in the global market today. Below pictures exhibit some of the models JTME designed and manufactured.

raw-material-shop JTME Vibration Plate Showroom 1
laser cutting machine for pipe JTME Vibration Plate Showroom 2

After several years of manufacturing and selling five vibration plate models that we selected from JTME's OEM list, we ended up keeping only VT003F linear vibration plate and re-inventing two new models - VT027 and VT007. We consider these models are the most suited for providing vibration patterns proved to be beneficial for health and fitness.

We abandoned combined movement design because 1) usually one of the movements in the combined design has to compromise; and 2) with two separate motors to drive two movements, the rhyme of the two movements are not synchronized to achieve a consistent movement pattern. The combined movements may mitigate the effectiveness of each individual movement.

Scientists usually select linear vibration models and pivotal oscillation models, not combined movement models, for their clinical trial studies.

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