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Vibration Plate VT007 optimized

......Robust - Durable - Reliable

VT007 is a linear vibration plate featuring adjustable frequency from 15Hz to 40Hz and two amplitude settings.

VT007 is developed based on our popular model VT003F. While keeping the same linear vibration movement patterns and parameters like VT003F, VT007 is re-engineered with integrated structure, reduced parts number and further refined materials.

The Re-Engineering Initiatives
  • Parts count reduction
  • Control console separated from the machine body

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Vibration Machine VT003F
Vibration Platform & Accessories
VT007 vibration plate accessories
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VT007 Unboxing Video by Jay Tang

VT007 comes out as a robust, durable and reliable vibration plate. Compared with VT003F, VT007 is lighter and smaller, but offers a slightly larger flat exercise platform.

Due to its solid simplified construction, VT007 achieves higher G-force and delivers evenly distributed vibration.

Less parts mean less impact and friction between parts and assemblies when the machine is vibrated. VT007 is more stable and produces much less mechanical noise.

The improved usability and performance make VT007 a perfect home-use vibration plate.

VT007 is highly rated by customers.

Tech Specs

Vibration Pattern Linear Vibration
Vibration Frequency 15 - 40 Hz Adjustable, 1 Hz incremental
Amplitude at Hi
1.5 - 3.0 mm without load
Amplitude at Lo 0.7- 1.2 mm, without load
G-force @NoLoad: 0.25-3.65
@180Lb: 0.16-3.02
Machine Size 560mm x 480mm x 15mm
L22" x W16" x H5.7"
Machine Net Weight 10.4 kg / 23 lb
Electric Motor 80W PMDC Motor, 900-2400RPM
Power Supply US Model:AC 110V / 60Hz
European Model: AC 220V / 50Hz
Max User Body Weight 140 kg / 308 lb

Frequency Range Designed for Resonance

VT007's vibration frequency range is designed to match the natural frequency of human soft tissues in order to achieve resonance effect. At resonance, the vibration most effectively induces muscle contraction, creating an intensive and rapidly repeated mechanical stimulation to the musculoskeletal system and neuromuscular system. Vibration therapy is to utilize such a unique simulation for health condition improvement.

The chart below exhibits vibration frequency ranges of different types of vibration plates, compared to the natural frequency of human body soft tissues.

Vibration Plate Frequency Range Designed to Achieve Muscle Resonance

Control Functions

User can easily adjust the session time, frequency, and amplitude from the remote control. The buttons on the control box perform the same functions as the corresponding buttons on the remote control.

Before start the vibration, user can choose manual control mode or any of three program control modes, then press Play button to start the session.

Manual Control Mood

In manual control, user can adjust the following parameters.

Session Time 1 - 20 minute, default 10 minutes
Frequency 15 - 40 Hz, one hertz incremental
Amplitude Lo / Hi switch

Program Control Moods

VT007 is designed with three program control modes (P1, P2 and P3). Each program automatically run a spectrum of frequencies, changing every 5 seconds, in a total 10-minute session time.

In P3 mode, amplitude switch is added to the frequency change spectrum.

The charts below exhibit the frequency and amplitude pattern of each program control mood.

P1 - Low Amplitude - Relaxation vibration frequency pattern P1 Time Line (Second)
Each dot represents a 5 second period vibration.
Green dot: Low Amplitude | Red dot: High Amplitude

The Re-engineering Initiative

Why we designed a new model that has the same function, vibration pattern and parameters like our popular model VT003F?

VT003F vibration plate has been well received by users for its effectiveness in heath improvement. Over 8000 units have been sold in the US by mid 2021. However, in our continuous effort to improve VT003F, we encountered its original design constrain: VT003F is designed with too many parts, not ideal for a vibrating device.

Vibration can cause assembled parts to loose. The loose parts impact and rub each other, compromising the stability and performance, and also producing more mechanical noises, especially at higher frequency.


More parts mean more assembling processes are required to put the machine together. Accumulated errors bring in greater challenge for workmanship, quality control and consistency.

Reducing the number of parts and assemblies is essential for making a better vibration machine. Of course we want to keep the functions, vibration patterns and parameters that have been approved by customers.

After several rounds of prototyping, structure optimization and material refinement, we are able to deliver our signature model VT007, a robust, durable and reliable vibration plate optimized for providing a perfect vibration.

Parts Number Reduction

For the upper and lower platforms, we abandoned VT003F's design that uses welded steel tube frame as supporting structure and covers the steel tube frame with ABS plastic board for the platform function. Instead, we adopt a whole piece of high-density fiber board to serve both structural and functional purposes.

exercise plate

High-density fiber board (HDF) is dense, rigid and homogeneous, proved to be desirable for vibration transmission. A drawback for HDF board is edge cracking on wear and tear. However we have found a great solution to overcome this drawback: We wrap the HDF board with a strong and thick plastic ring using a complicated ABS mold injection method. The result is a solitary, rigid and durable platform, tested to achieve better vibration transmission attributes and allow vibration more evenly distributed on the exercise platform.

spring support design

The spring support system is simplified by using rubber springs, mounted with aluminum brackets, stainless steel bolts, lockers and washers. All parts are visually exposed, no extra decorative parts. In comparison, VT003F uses many decorative parts, including rubber boots to cover metal springs, and decorative metal caps to cover the nylon brackets and bolts that fix the springs to the platform.

The whole construction of VT007 is solid and can support heavier body weight.

Separated Control Box

The benefit of not mounting the control console on the vibrating machine body is obvious. VT007 has the control console designed as a separated plug-in type control box. Therefore, it does not vibrate with the machine, beneficial for the longevity of the circuit board, soldering, wiring and electronic components.

VT007 control box

The separated control box is entirely manufactured in the facility of our upstream EMS factory that is specialized in making electronic devices. The EMS factory has more advanced production line, testing equipment and quality control system to make high quality control box. It is a better solution than putting the circuit boards together and installing the control console in our in-house assembly line.

For our popular model VT003F, we have about 1.5% defective rate on the control panel. For VT007, we expect a much lower defective rate for its separated plug-in control box. In case of damage, replacing control box is a simple action of plug-and-play.

Industrial Style

Our efforts of simplification and optimization on VT007 also lead to an industrial style design. The machine structure is very open. Many parts and components are visually exposed, except for the motor and eccentric wheels that are enclosed in a secure cage for safety consideration. Unnecessary decorative parts are eliminated.

The VT007 machine can be easily disassembled and reassembled using just ranches and screw drivers.

industrial style

No finishing paint is applied on VT007, except for the two HDF boards that are purchased as painted. All mold injected ABS plastic parts and rubber springs keep the original raw material color and texture. Metal parts are black colored using electrochemical process.

Such an industrial design makes VT007 easily serviceable. The visual exposure of parts and components would reveal potential material flaws and defects, favorable for quality assurance.

VT007 vibration plate is designed to perform and to last. Yet, its solidity and simplicity give the machine a timeless aesthetic appearance.

The design style of VT007 will never be out of fashion.

VT007 Explodedie-view


Structure and Attributes

Structure & Mechanics

VT007's main machine body comprises of an upper plate and a lower plate connected by four supporting rubber springs. The vibration actuator is a motor/eccentric wheels assembly mounted on the upper plate from below.

The upper plate and the lower plate are made of high density fiber board with ABS model injected edge. The four supporting rubber springs are mounted between the upper plate and the lower plate, each using a set of aluminum brackets.

The control box is separated from the main machine body. It is connected to the motor with a 3-pin secure connector. The connector a plug-in and screw-on type. It can be easily connected.

Because the control box does not vibrate with the machine, the product lifespan is extended. In any case the control box is broken, it can be replaced very easily.

eccentric wheel vibration drive
VT007 Eccentric Wheel System

The vibration actuator is an assembly consists of a DC motor and 3 pairs of eccentric wheels. The DC motor rotates the eccentric wheels to create centrifugal force that pushes the upper plate to move in an oval pattern.

The movement is regulated by four strong rubber springs that support the upper plate, and form the desired vibration directions. The upper plate moves mainly up-and-down, and modestly forth-and-back.

VT007 Motor & Eccentric Wheels Assembly

Vibration frequency can be adjusted by changing DC motor's input voltage. The amplitude can be switched between high and low by changing motor rotation direction, which engage different numbers of eccentric wheels.

When switching the amplitude between Hi and Lo while the machining is running on vibration, user can hear a clunk sound. It is a sound the eccentric wheels hit the stop block when the motor reverse the direction in order to switch the amplitude. It is normal, and does not do any damage to the machine.

Floor Vibration & Drift

It is recommended to use VT007 on a carpeted solid floor to avoid floor vibration and machine drifting issues.

Floor Vibration

While VT007 transmits vibration to the user, it also transmits some vibration to the floor. VT007 should be used on a solid floor that does not vibrate.

If used on a wood frame floor, VT007 will vibrate the floor and the connecting building structure. Over time, vibration can cause damage to the structure.

Floor vibration is a major issue that limits the use of high frequency vibration machine like VT007 in wood frame construction houses.

anti-vibration mat Use VT007 on an exercise mat

Depending on the solidity of the floor, placing an anti-vibration cushion beneath the machine may be a solution. A large piece of exercise mat may serve this purpose better.

In an all wood-frame structure house, VT007 should be used on the ground floor or in the basement.

VT007 should not be used in a mobile home.

Machine Drift

VT007 has a light weight, only 21 lb. If there is no body weight on the vibration plate, the centrifugal force generated by vibration can overcome the machine weight and cause the machine to jump / drift on the floor. User should always keep the body on the machine before starting the vibration. Never let the machine to run unattended.

A carpeted floor can provide some buffer and friction that prevents the machine from drifting with vibration when there is no body weight on the machine.

Vibration Noise

VT007's noise is a combination of sound wave noises and mechanical noise.

Sound wave becomes audible to human ears when the vibration frequency is about 20Hz. Sound wave noise is not avoidable.

noise of vibration

Mechanical noise is produced by the friction and impact between the moving parts of the vibration machine. It is not avoidable, but could be reduced through design optimization, parts precision and assembly accuracy improvement.

As VT007 is designed for household use, we make a lot of efforts to reduce its mechanical noises, in order to achieve better user experience.

One of the major source of mechanical noise is the impact and friction between the upper plate and the supporting springs, due to the gaps produced between these two components during vibration. This noise will be greatly reduced when user steps on the machine with body weight centered.

The Clunk Sound When Switching Amplitude Setting

When you start the vibration plate or switch the amplitude between Hi and Lo, you can hear a clunk sound. This is normal.

This strike does not do any hurt to the machine. It is not a problem.

This sound is produced because eccentric wheel strikes the position block when the motor starts or reverse its rotation direction. VT007 switches amplitude by reversing motor rotation direction to engage either 1 pair or 3 pairs of eccentric wheels.

In P3 mode, the machine automatically switches the amplitude multiple times along the programmed session. Therefore, you will hear clunk sound each time when the amplitude is switched, and you know the amplitude is switched when you hear this sound.

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)

Like other household electric appliances, VT007 produces electric field and magnetic field (EMF).

EMF exposure of Vibration plate

For VT007, the main source of magnetic field is from its electric motor. At one foot above VT007's upper plate, the maximum magnetic field strength measured is 1.3 milligauss, and the maximum electric field strength measured is 44V/m.

For an electric motor, the EMF frequency equals the motor rotation frequency. VT007's EMF frequency is no more than 40Hz. EPA classifies this type of EMF as extremely low frequency EMF, or ELF EMF. Scientists have not found ELF EMF poses any safety concern to human.

EPA advises that there is no clear scientific evidence that EMF affects health. EPA does not define a safe or hazardous level of EMF exposure.

Reader's discretion is advised.

VT007 Photos

VT007 vibration plate accessories VT007 Unboxed


VT007 Amplitude Facade View


VT007 vibration plate spring Corner View


Top View


VT007 Bottom up view Bottom View


vibration control box Control Box


VT007 Separated control box Control Box Interface


VT007-vibration-plate-connection Control Box Connected to VT007 Machine Body


Secure Connector Close-up: Secure Screw-cap Connector


VT007 Vibration Exercise VT007 Ready to Go


Download VT007 User Manual

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