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Purchasing VT007 from Outside the US

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VT007 is available for purchase from all countries or regions serviced by FedEx or other equivalent international carriers.

We offer US version and European version VT007.

Version Power Supplier Ship From
VT007 US 110-120V (60Hz) Minnesota
VT007 European 220-240V (50Hz) Shanghai

You can purchase VT007 directly from our ecommerce website.

Most major payment methods and currencies are accepted. Prices displayed on our ecommerce website may be USD or your local currency.

Total transit time from our facility to your door is from 7 to 14 days.

You will receive a tracking number or link once your order package has been handed over to the carrier. Our system will automatically send you shipping status updates.

Our international 10-year warranty covers the supply of replacement parts for free. A flat USD 25 shipping fee will be charged for shipping replacement parts to worldwide addresses serviced by FedEx Express.

VT007 vibration plate is user-serviceable thanks to its modularized industrial-style design. It is very easy to repair with the replacement parts we supply.

Below in this page
  • VT007 is User-Serviceable
  • VT007 Failure Rate
  • International 10 Year Warranty
  • Voltage and Power Cord
  • International Shipping
  • Customs Duty and Handling

VT007 is User-Serviceable

VT007 vibration plate is designed in a modularized industrial style. It can be easily and intuitively self-serviced.

  • The structure is simplified. There are less assemblies due to reduced parts count. The machine has high reliability and makes less mechanical noise.
  • There is no coating, no cover-up on the parts. Parts appear in their original material colors and textures formed in each of their manufacturing processes. Faulty parts are easy to spot and resolved before the machine is packed.
  • The construction is visible. Bolts and screws are not covered.
  • The entire machine can be disassembled and put together easily and intuitively, using just a screw driver and a couple of wrenches.
  • The control console is a separated plug-in type, which is considered as a single replacement part in its entirety.
  • The assembly of DC motor and eccentric-wheels system is considered as a single replacement part in its entirety.
  • Control console, remote control and motor are the only parts that are subject to quality issue or wear-out. Replacing control console and remote control is effortless.
  • The only self-service work that involves disassembling the machine is to replace the motor and eccentric-wheel assembly. Our motor has very low defective rate. It has a life span from 2000 to 3000 hours, which means 15 years of daily household use. Overtime the carbon brushes and bearings of the DC motor will wear out.
  • All other parts are durable solid-build pieces with minimum quality and wear-out concern, usually not considered as replacement parts.


VT007 can be easily disassembled and put together with a screw driver and two wrenches.

VT007 Failure Rate

Over the years, we have achieved consistent and improved quality with the VT007 vibration plate.

The product failure rates within the first year of use are break-down as below.

  • Control console failure: less than 1%
  • Remote control failure: less than 1%
  • Motor failure: about 0.2%

Most quality related product failures happen in the first month of use. So far, product failure after the first year of use is rare.

Our confidence in the 10-year warranty stems from the optimized product design and serviceability, along with our commitment to continuous improvement and quality control.

As we continue to enhance the quality, failure rates will be further reduced. For warranty services, we will always ship the newest version of replacement parts to customers.

International 10 Year Warranty

  • We maintain sufficient inventory of replacement parts for at least 15 years after the products are sold.
  • Replacement parts are free of charge during the warranty period. Replacement parts will be immediately shipped to customers upon request. Customer pays a flat $25 shipping fee to ship replacement parts to worldwide addresses that are serviced by FedEx Express.
  • Because VT007 is easily and intuitively user-serviceable, there is no need to ship the entire machine to us for service.

Voltage and Power Cord

VT007 US Version
VT007 European Version
US Power Plug European Plug,
NEMA 5-15 Grounded Type B plug Hibrid CEE 7/7 plug, compatible with Type E and F

The power cord supplied with VT007 vibration plate fits many types of AC power sockets around the world. If not, you can replace it with your local power cord, or you can use a plug adapter. However, for using a plug adapter, please make sure the adapter has a ground connection.

International Shipping

  • VT007 110-120V units will be shipped from our Minnesota facility.
  • VT007 220-240V units will be shipped from our Shanghai facility.

We have great discount shipping rates with FedEx and we pass the savings to our customers.

The shipping charge will be calculated after you enter the delivery address, before order submission.

Please provide the delivery address in English with a clear structure: street address, city, province, postal code, and country.

Total transit time for international shipping is about 7 to 14 days depending on the destination location, public holiday and shipping season. Once the product is transferred to carrier's facility, we will update the tracking number in our system, which will automatically update shipping status to the buyer via email.

The battery of remote control may be removed from the order package as requested by the carriers depending on the destination. The battery model is CR2032 which you can easily obtain from your local store.

Customs Duty and Handling

You as the importer may be required to pay import duty and general sales tax for importing VT007 vibration plates into their countries.

Usually FedEx or DHL perform the customs entry and charge the import duty and handling to you.

Some countries don't charge any import duty for imported merchandize below a certain value, like USD800 in the US, AUD1000 in Australia, and SGD400 in Singapore, etc.

The HS code of VT007 vibration plate is 8479.89. The Country of Origin is China.

We will provide customs documents for the import if requested.


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