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10-Year Product Warranty

We offer a straightforward 10 year product warranty that covers all quality issues for the normal use of our products, no hidden conditions.

US Warranty

Our US 10 year warranty covers all replacement parts and repair services in all 50 states. There will not be any out-of-pocket expense for customer for any warranty service. We may have customer to ship the machine to us for immediate repair, or we may ship replacement parts to customer. All shipping costs will be on us.

International Warranty

Our international 10 year warranty covers all replacement parts free of charge, customer paying a flat USD25 for shipping replacement parts to any international address that FedEx Express services.

VT007 is the only model we sell to international market. Self-service for VT007 is very easy and intuitive.


Vibration Therapeutic® has been known for providing exceptional customer services. We cherish this reputation. We care about our customers.

Please use our website to initiate a warranty service or a return. We will make the process very easy for you. .

We keep sufficient replacement parts inventory for at least 15 years after the products are sold.

Please register your VT vibration plate on our website for a smooth warranty claim handling, product recall, product upgrade and safety warning. In case you lose your order info, we have it in record.

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