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About Us

Vibration Therapeutic® specialize in the manufacture and distribution of quality home-use vibration plates.

We focus on a selected narrow line of product models that we master every detail aspect and respond to customer expectations for performance and quality improvement. This focus strategy allow us to make better products and provide superior customer services.


We are well-versed in engineering and manufacturing. We know what it takes to make a better vibration plate, from the system level down to a single part.

We contract qualified and reliable OEM factories for the manufacturing. Over years, we have streamlined the entire supply chain processes and built up synergy with our manufacturing service providers in product development, production, and quality control.

Our vibration plates are sold through Amazon, our own e-commerce website, and affiliated partners in health, wellness and fitness fields. We have establish an efficient and effective logistic system to support our shipping, distribution and customer service operations.

We offer the most preferred product warranty services and free-return policy, backed with extraordinary customer support. For any warranty service, there is no shipping charge, no any out-of-pocket expense for the customers.

Vibration Therapeutic® The brand represents our dedication to making a better vibration plate, our passion about vibration therapy, and our commitment to a long term customer satisfaction.

We strive to make Vibration Therapeutic® one of the most preferred brands for home-use vibration plate.

Vibration Therapeutic OEM Factory

The original equipment manufacturer of Vibration Therapeutic ® series vibration plates is J.T. Mechanical & Electrical Manufacturing Ltd (JTME) in Zhejiang, China. JTME specializes in manufacturing vibration plates and other fitness equipment for the US and European market. Annually JTME produce and ship over 300,000 units of vibration plates to the global market.

vibration plate showroom JTME's 5000sqm Manufacturing Complex

JTME is located at Yongkang, in Zhejiang Province. Yongkang is a regional manufacturing hub that hosts a large number of factories with wide variety of specialties, and a large pool of engineers and skilled workers. Supplies of industrial parts, hardware and components are abundance. The majority of vibration plates shipped to the global market are made from Yongkang area.

JTME was originated from a sheet metal fabrication and welding shop established in 1984. The owners, brothers Lin Wei and Lin Bo, took over the business from their father and transformed the machine shop to a fitness equipment factory. Lin brothers successful built up this business based their strong hands-on workmanship background and young entrepreneur spirits.

vibration plate showroom JTME Vibration Plate Showroom 1

Today, JTME is a large size manufacturer with over 800 employees, all working in its well equipped 50,000 square meter factory complex. In the recent 10 years, the factory has been focusing on manufacturing vibration plates and fitness equipment. Jintuo's manufacturing capabilities are vertically integrated. The majority of production processes are in-house, including designing, engineering, prototyping, tube and sheet metal cutting, bending, pressing, welding, sand blasting, plastic mold injection, finishing, coating, testing and packaging. The production lines are equipped with advanced CNC laser tube cutting machines, CNC sheet metal cutting machines, robot welding lines, press machine lines, assembly lines, powder coating lines, and testing labs, etc.

vibration plate exhibition JTME Vibration Plate Showroom 2

JTME is the original equipment manufacturer for many global vibration plate brand names. The factory is the original designer of many popular vibration plate models in the market. Through years of continuous improvement, JTME's product developmen capability and production processes have become well suited for manufacturing vibration plates.

ISO 9001 certified

JTME is ISO9001:2000 certified for quality system, and ISO14001:2004 certified for management system.

Other certificates achieved including TUV, SGS, CE, GB17498.6-2008, CQC, and CCC etc.

JTME management holds high ethic standards on employee rights and benefits, and satisfy all workplace safety and labor compliance requirements.

❏ Picture Gallery of Jintuo's Manufacturing Facility

  • raw-material-shop
    Raw material warehouse
  • laser cutting machine for pipe
    CNC laser cutting machine for pipe cutting
  • work cutting pipes
    CNC laser pipe cutting machine in action
  • CNC laser pipe cutting in action
    CNC laser pipe cutting in action
  • CNC laser sheet matel cutting machine
    CNC laser sheet metal cutting machine
  • plaxtic mold injection line
    Plastic mold injection production lines
  • press machine lines
    Press machine lines
  • heavy press machines
    Heavy duty press machines
  • robot welding lines
    Ventilated robot arc welding line 1
  • CNC laser pipe cutting in action
    Robot arc welding machine station in action
  • robot welding line
    Ventilated robot arc welding line 2
  • manual welding line
    Ventilated manual arc welding line
  • work cutting pipes
    VT003F semi-product on the assembly line.
  • CNC laser pipe cutting in action
    Operator assembles VT003F vibration plate
  • powder coating line
    Powder coating line
  • liquid painting
    Metal parts cleaning and hanged for powder coating
  • powder spraying
    Operator manually sprays coating powder on metal frame to assure even coating with no dead corner
  • parts read to transport to oven for powder coating
    Powder coating inspection in place
  • finishing before painting
    Finishing before painting
  • parts read to transport to oven for powder coating
    Liquid painting for plastic parts
  • VT003F assembled and inspected
    VT003F vibration plate assembled and inspected
  • VT003F packed for shipping
    Finished VT003F packed, ready to ship
  • VT003F packed for shipping
    JTME Main Office Building
  • VT003F assembled and inspected
    Yongkang Science & Tech Industrial Park


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SpecsPro LLC
Minnesota Distribution Center
6240 Carmen Ave, Dock Door 10
Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076, USA
  • VT003F assembled and inspected
    SpecsPro Distribution at Inver Groove Heights, MN
  • VT003F packed for shipping
    VT007 vibration plates loaded for shipping

Orders are shipped from our Minnesota warehouse. Orders received before 10AM CST will be shipped out the same day via FedEx services. No shipping operations during weekends and public holidays.

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