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Vibration Therapeutic LLC is a Minnesota-based manufacturer dedicated to developing, manufacturing, and distributing high-quality home-use vibration plates.

As a small company, we focus on a carefully selected narrow product line and excel in engineering, manufacturing, quality assurance, continuous improvement, and providing superior customer support.

Since we started this business in 2017, we have been meticulously developing our proprietary designs, technical know-how, patents, and quality control processes.

In order to bring high-quality vibration plates to our customers at affordable prices, we outsource our manufacturing processes to our trusted OEM factories in China, leveraging their expertise and cost-effectiveness. With mutual respect, trust, and dedicated collaboration, we have established efficient and effective supply chain processes with our manufacturing partners.

To date, we have made and sold over 16,000 units of vibration plates. Our products are highly rated by a large number of active users and practitioners for their quality, reliability and durability, as well as their effectiveness in a wide range of health improvement applications.

Also highly rated are our exceptional customer services, which we cherish and take pride in. We genuinely care about our customers.

Scientific research, experiments, and customer experiences are integral parts of our fundamentals. Through out the years, we have diligently cultivated profound understanding of the effects of vibration stimulation on the human body, and how we can harness this unique intervention for health improvement, developing its applications and mitigating potential risks.

We are encouraged by countless success stories from our customers who use our products. We are proud and passionate about what we do.

We believe our dedication, passion, honesty, and care will ultimately make Vibration Therapeutic® the most preferred global brand name for vibration plates.

Dedication | Passion | Honesty | Care

Our OEM Factory

Our major original equipment manufacturer is Jintuo Mechanical & Electrical Manufacturing Ltd (JTME) in Zhejiang, China. JTME specializes in manufacturing vibration plates and other exercise equipment for US and European market. Annually JTME produce and ship over 200,000 units of vibration plates to the global market.

vibration plate factory JTME's 5000sqm Manufacturing Complex

JTME is located at Yongkang, a regional manufacturing hub that hosts a great number of factories with a wide variety of specialties and a large pool of engineers and skilled workers. Supplies of industrial parts, hardware and components are abundance in the area. Most vibration plates sold in the global market are made and shipped from factories in Yongkang.

JTME originated from a sheet metal fabrication and welding shop established in 1984. The owners, brothers Lin Wei and Lin Bo, took over the business from their father and transformed the machine shop into an exercise equipment factory.

The Lin brothers have successfully built up this business through their strong hands-on workmanship background and young entrepreneur spirits.

vibration plate showroom a JTME Vibration Plate Showroom 1

Today, JTME has over 800 employees, all working in its well equipped 50,000 square meter factory complex.

In the past 10 years, the factory has been focusing on manufacturing vibration plates and exercise equipment.

JTME's manufacturing processes are vertically integrated. The majority of production processes are in-house, including designing, engineering, prototyping, tube and sheet metal cutting, bending, pressing, welding, sand blasting, plastic mold injection, finishing, coating, testing and packaging.

The production lines are equipped with advanced CNC laser tube cutting machines, CNC sheet metal cutting machines, robot welding lines, press machine lines, assembly lines, powder coating lines, and testing labs, etc.

vibration plate exhibition JTME Vibration Plate Showroom 2

JTME is the original equipment manufacturer for many vibration plate brand names in Europe and the US. The factory is the original designer of many popular vibration plate models sold in the global market.

ISO 9001 certified

JTME is ISO9001:2000 certified for quality system, and ISO14001:2004 certified for management system.

Other certificates achieved including TUV, SGS, CE, GB17498.6-2008, CQC, and CCC etc.

JTME's management holds high ethic standards on employee rights and benefits, and satisfy all workplace safety and labor compliance requirements.

❏ A Tour of JTME Manufacturing Facility

raw-material-shop Raw material warehouse
laser cutting machine for pipe CNC laser cutting machine for pipe cutting
work cutting pipes CNC laser pipe cutting machine in action
CNC laser pipe cutting in action CNC laser pipe cutting in action
CNC laser sheet matel cutting machine CNC laser sheet metal cutting machine
plaxtic mold injection line Plastic mold injection production lines
press machine lines Press machine lines
heavy press machines Heavy duty press machines
robot welding lines Ventilated robot arc welding line 1
CNC laser pipe cutting in action Robot arc welding machine station in action
robot welding line Ventilated robot arc welding line 2
manual welding line Ventilated manual arc welding line
work cutting pipes VT003F semi-product on the assembly line
CNC laser pipe cutting in action Operator assembles VT003F vibration plate
powder coating line Powder coating line
liquid painting Metal parts cleaning and hanged for powder coating
powder spraying Operator manually sprays coating powder on metal frame to assure even coating with no dead corner
parts read to transport to oven for powder coating Powder coating inspection in place
finishing before painting Finishing before painting
parts read to transport to oven for powder coating Liquid painting for plastic parts
VT003F assembled and inspected VT003F vibration plate assembled and inspected
VT003F quality inspection Finished VT003F packed, ready to ship
VT003F packed for shipping JTME Main Office Building
VT003F assembled and inspected Yongkang Science & Tech Industrial Park

Order Fulfillment

All orders from North America are shipped from our Minnesota warehouse. Orders received before 10AM CST will be shipped out the same day via FedEx Ground services. There are no shipping operations during weekends and public holidays.

Orders out of North Amreica will be processed the next calendar day. It will be shipped FedEx facility in Shanghai, and from there shipped via FedEx Express services to internatinal destinations.

unload VT003F Vibratin Therapeutic Distribution in Minnesota
shipping VT007 VT007 vibration plates loaded for shipping

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