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Osteoporosis Treatment Research Incentive Program

Vibration Therapy Study


Vibration Therapeutic LLC initiates and sponsors this research incentive program for the study of using vibration therapy to treat osteoporosis and the development of treatment modalities.


It has long been recognized by the scientific community that skeletal muscle contraction is inherent to bone health. Skeletal muscle contraction produces mechanical stimulation on bones and promotes the generation of bone cells.

Our VT007 and VT003F vibration plates are designed to effectively induce rapidly repeated skeletal muscle contraction, thereby producing pulsed, intensive mechanical stimulation on bones. This unique form of the mechanical stimulation may promote bone growth more effectively. Many users of our vibration plates have reported an increase in bone mineral density as a result of their vibration training.

The effectiveness of using vibration plates to treat osteoporosis has been observed in a great number of individual cases. However, research trials on this subject have not yielded consistent results. There are no scientifically approved application guidelines and efficacy in terms of vibration frequency, amplitude, motion pattern, exercise pose, and routine.

In fact, none of the current research trials are adequately designed and implemented to test multiple variables and their combinations. There is not sufficient research funding or commercial incentive to support the design and implementation of research trials that can satisfy the required sample size, variables, and trial time for significant results.

The Initiative

At Vibration Therapeutic, we are initiating and sponsoring this research incentive program by offering a $100 cash reward to each participant. With this program, we aim to establish a large sample size with an extended research trial period. We consider this program to be a great alternative approach that leads to more meaningful scientific studies.

If you have bone loss issues and are interested in using vibration exercise for treatment, we would like to invite you to participate in this program. You also sponsor this research program by purchasing our vibration plate, dedicating your time to develop your training plan, recording the results, and writing the report. We work together to explore how to effectively use vibration plates to treat osteoporosis.

Let's find a better solution, for you and for the community.


Vibration Therapeutic LLC, the sponsor and administrator of this research incentive program, is a manufacturer specialized in making vibration plates. We are not a healthcare entity or medical institute.

Our products, statements, and recommendations are not approved or endorsed by any healthcare professionals, institutes, or regulatory authorities. We sell our vibration plates as exercise machines, not as medical devices.

We provide transparent product information about our vibration plates, including vibration patterns and all relevant parameters. Vibration can have adverse effects on your body. You are responsible for your decision to use our vibration plate and for the manner in which you use it.

If you have negative experience using our vibration plate, please stop using it and seek medical advice. We offer 90 day free return which we consider long enough for you to progress slowly and find out if using our vibration plate is a good fit for you.

We highly suggest you to talk with a physical therapist about participating this research program.


If you are diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis and have recently received bone mineral density DEXA scan, you are eligible to participate this program.

You will need to do another DEXA scan and submit your trial report in order to receive the cash reward.

This research incentive program is offered worldwide.


To participate, you will need to purchase a vibration plate from our website, using discount code BONESTRONG to receive $1 discount at the check-out. This indicates that you are registered to participate this program. No further registration is necessary.

We have three vibration plate models for you to choose from: VT007, VT003F and VT027. VT007 and VT003F are linear vibration plates with similar movement pattern and parameters. VT027 is a pivotal oscillation plate.

To register your participation of our Osteoporosis Treatment Research Incentive Program, please make a purchase of a vibration plate from our website and use the following discount code:


Vibration Training Plan

You are responsible for developing your vibration training plan of using vibration plate, according to your own physical condition. You may have several training phases starting from lower intensity and shorter training session time, and gradually progress to higher intensity and longer session time.

If you have negative experience using our vibration plate, please stop using it and seek medical advice. We offer 90 day free return which should be enough for you to progress slowly and find out if using our vibration plate is a good fit for you.

We highly suggest you to discuss with a physical therapist about participating this research program.

Vibration Training Plan - Concept and Guideline

You should develop your own vibration training plan according to your physical condition. We highly suggest you to discuss your training plan and exercise poses with a physical therapist.

We provide our concept and guideline as below.

Intervention: pulsed intensive muscle contraction

Vibration training is to use vibration plate to induce rapidly repeated skeletal muscle contraction. The muscle contraction force serves as a mechanical stimulation to promote bone growth.

Vibration induces pulsed intensive muscle contraction which produces a dynamic pulling force on the attached bones. This pulsed intensive mechanical stimulation may effective promote bone growth.

The pulsed mechanical stimulation only last a tiny fraction of a second in each vibration cycle. For example, on a vibration plate running at 30 Hz, the stimulation occurs 30 times per second, each occurrence lasts 0.0008 second. Because of this pattern, we body does not perceive the intensity of the stimulation.

Exercise intensity & Routine

In general, vibration training is a low intensity exercise. You should start with the lowest vibration frequency at low amplitude setting and short exercise session time. As you gradually adapt to the vibration and build up your muscle strength, you can gradually increase frequency, session time and switch to high amplitude setting. Progress slowly with a risk-averse strategy.

You may gradually progress to 30Hz frequency, which is probalby more effective for inducting muscle contraction. Establish a moderate and consistent daily training routine. Be patient, persistent and observant.

Be patient, persistent and observant!

Exercise poses

L-squat - exercise muscles around knee joints and stimulate femurs (femoral necks) and lumbar vertebrae. Vibration stimulation makes L-squat very effective.

Shallow squat - exercise muscles around knee joints and stimulate lower limb bones.

Deadlift - exercise lower back muscles and stimulate lumbar vertebrae. Make sure your keep your back straight, or even bent backward.

Shallow squat and deadlift can be combined. If your physical condition allows, you can hold a pair of dumbbells of proper weight to enhance the exercise.

You should slightly move up and down to exercise the entire group of muscles.

You should see the results of enhanced muscles strength and mobility in short period of time. However, for bone growth, it takes much longer time.

Please keep your training plan on record for your trial report.

Vibration Training Trial Report

You may submit a trial report (outlined below) to us after 6 - 12 months. You will need to take another DEXA scan and include the test results in your report.

Vibration Training Trial Report
DEXA scan results and dates, before and after
Training plan and phases, including exercise poses, frequency, amplitude setting and session time.
Information of other treatments you take during the trial period, like medicines, supplements and their dosages.
Age, sex, race, weight, height and occupation.
Other conditions which you consider relevant and can help the study.

Incentive Payment

Once we receive your vibration training report, we will immediately send a payment of $99 to you via check or Zelle.

How your report data are used.

Your report data will be posted anonymously on our forum website available for anyone to view.

Your report data will be used for scientific research about using vibration therapy to treat osteoporosis.

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