Product Return Handling

For return, please keep the machine and packaging in good condition, so your returned machine can still be a good value for another person on a budget.

Even if you return a defective machine (apology), we can repair and sell it, so it will not be totally wasted.

Sometimes we receive returned machines in bad cosmetic condition that cannot be sold again. We have to disassemble these machines to salvage useful components, and dump the damaged ones. The process is very labor consuming. We do salvage just hope to minimize the waste. However, for a lot of components salvaged, it is hard to find the chances to be reused. Many will end up dumped eventually. Waste is a shame, harmful to the environment.

Below are two major causes of damage occurred to the returned machine.

1) The mat surface of the platform is dented because the power cord was left on top of the platform and pressed against the mat when the machine was packed. So please do NOT leave the power cord on top of the machine when you repack the machine for return.

vibration platform dent Surface dented by power cord

2) The platform edge is cracked during transportation because the return machine was packed without protection foam.

From time to time, we receive return with a bare machine laid in the box, no any protection. The platform edge is cracked 100% case in the transportation. Please keep the original box and packaging foam for a while in case you need to return. We understand that it takes some effort to keep the packaging material because of the size. We really appreciate if you do.

vibration platform dent Platform edge cracked in transportation

Most customers packed their return machine carefully. Some customers just didn't know that the power cord could make a dent on the surface. Some customers returned machines in dirty, scratched, or cracked condition.

We hardly charge restocking fee to customer for bad return condition, or even total loss. We always try to be considerate. On the other hand, we fear restocking fee would lead customer to post negative review on Amazon. As a small company with a narrow product line, we are vulnerable.

Each return costs us round-trip shipping and warehouse handling for about $60 to $90, regardless where you purchase it, from Amazon or from our own e-commerce website. For each returned machine, we perform thorough inspection, cleaning and repacking before putting it back to inventory for sale at a discounted price. Return is a major cost of our business. We do like you to try the machine, so that you don't miss a possible solution for your health improvement. We just hope to get the returned machines in good condition. Thank you!

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