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VT003F vs Personal Power Plate

Comparing VT003F with Power Plate can help understand both machines better. Power Plate is reputable brand name of whole body vibration products. Besides its high-end commercial grade vibration plates developed for the professional market, Power Plate offers a consumer grade portable model called Personal Power Plate, which is comparable with VT003F, for reference purposes.

VT003F and Personal Power Plate are both linear vibration plates that utilizes eccentric wheels to generate high frequency vibration. The two models are comparable in terms of parameters and performance. Both has two amplitude settings. VT003F is designed with adjustable frequency, while Personal Power Plate comes with a fixed frequency.

Comparisons on Specifications

Model# VT003F Personal Power Plate
Photos in approximate proportion to their sizes power plate
Frequency 15Hz - 40Hz Adjustable 35Hz Fixed
Amplitude Low 1.5mm / High 3mm* Low / High
G-Force @ No Load 0.51-2.71 Unknown
Session Time 1-20 min Adjustable 30 or 60 seconds
Motor Rated Power DC Motor 80W DC Motor 160-185W
Max Load 264 lb 264 lb
Machine Weight 25.8 lb 40.4 lb
Dimensions 22"x19"x7.1" 27.5"x18.7"x6.2"
Certificates CE, RoHS CE, UL, PSE, cUL FCC
* The vibration amplitude quoted is the amplitude without load. The G-Force is calculated based on the amplitude without load.

Close Look on the Differences

VT003F Personal Power Plate
Machine Weight

Light weighted VT003F is designed for the convenience of household use. The 26 LB makes it really portable. It is the lowest weight among all high frequency linear vibration plate.

Personal Power Plate also designed for household use but It is 40 LB, much heavier than VT003F. The added weight of casting iron machine base increases the machine stabilities on vibration.

Motor Power

VT003F's 80W DC motor is rightfully selected for the its structure and mass. The supporting spring's resistance is selected to maximize the efficiency of vibration energy transfer, and accommodate the adjustable vibration frequency range.

In the actual use, the max power consumption of VT003F (motor and control system) is measured at around 50W.

For better performance, user's center of mass should be right above the center of the plateform, so the weight is evenly distributed to the four supporting springs.

Personal Power Plate has a larger motor provides more power to drive heavier eccentric wheels and higher resistance supporting springs. At the same empty load amplitude setting, Personal Power Plate provides better support to the user, and less compromise to the body weight. For aggressive users or heavy weight users, Personal Power Plate' uncompromising performance is more desirable.

It is also suggested the user's center of mass should be right above the center of the platform.


VT003F is designed to have adjustable frequency from 15Hz to 40Hz. This makes VT003F a versatile vibration machine for wide range of applications.

Personal Power Plate comes with a fixed frequency of 35Hz, which greatly limited its usage and applications.

Session Time

VT003F's session time can be set from 1 minute to 20 minutes. The default session time setting is 10 minutes, which is the choice for most applications.

Personal Power Plate's designed session time of either 30 or 60 seconds may be too short for a regular exercise. Users have to press the repeat button many times to finished a 10 minute exercise.

Program Control Mode

VT003F comes with 3 program control modes each designed for certain presumed purposes.

Personal Power Plate does not have program control feature, simply because its vibration frequency is fixed at 35Hz.


Four anti-vibration pads included in the package.

Accessories available for purchase: 1) hand rail, and 2) anti-vibration base for the reduction of downwards vibraiton.


VT003F is a light weight versatile vibration plate, well-built to offer a balanced performance with adjustable vibration frequencies, affordable and suitable for daily household use.

Personal Power Plate is a robust well-designed vibration plate with uncompromising performance at a fixed frequency of 35Hz, suitable for aggressive users with specific purposes.

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