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Vibration Plate Model VT003F

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Vibration plate model VT003F is a consumer grade high frequency linear vibration machine. It features adjustable frequency from 15Hz to 40Hz and two amplitude settings.

Vibration Plate VT003F
Key Features Motion Pattern
  • High Frequency 15‑40Hz
  • Low Amplitude 1.2-3.1mm
  • Remote Control
linear vibration VT0007Linear Vibration
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Product Overview

The vibration frequency and amplitude of VT003F are comparable to commercial grade vibration plate you may find in gyms. The performance and user experiences are similar. VT003F has a light weight, designed for home use.

Its adjustable frequency and two amplitude settings make VT003F a versatile vibration for various users and applications. Physically weak people can start with lower intensity settings, gradually adapt to the vibration and progress to higher intensity.

Amazon Review
Amazon Reviews ☍

VT003F has a remarkable 4.7 average rating based on over 600 authentic products on Amazon.

Over 12,000 units of VT003F have been sold so far in the US. Its quality, motion patterns, and parameters have been well received as effective in many health improvement applications.

Construction & Mechanics

The frame of VT003F comprises of an upper plate and a lower plate connected by four supporting springs. The vibration actuator is mounted on the upper plate from below. The control console sits on the lower plate.

VT003F Vibration MachineVT003F structure illustration

The upper plate and lower plate each has welded steel tube frames that form the skeleton of the machine. ABS plastic boards are securely screwed on the steel tube frame. The four supporting steel springs connect the two steel frames. The control console is mounted on the lower plate.

The whole construction is very sturdy and light weight.

eccentric wheel vibration drive VT003F Eccentric Wheel Device

The vibration actuator is an assembly consists of a PMDC motor and 3 pairs of eccentric wheels. The DC motor rotates the eccentric wheels to create centrifugal force that displaces the upper plate in a circling pattern. The motion is regulated by four strong springs that support the upper plate to form the desired vertical direction vibration.

The vibration frequency can be controlled by adjusting the voltage of the DC motor. The amplitude can be switched between high and low by engaging different numbers of eccentric wheels through motor rotation direction switch.

When switch the amplitude between Hi and Lo while the machining is running on vibration, user can hear a clunk sound. That is normal.

motor assembly of VT003 Vibration machine
Motor & eccentric wheel assembly
Not a Medical Device

VT003F is sold as an exercise equipment. Please consult a medical professional if you intend to use this device to treat a medical condition.

When properly used, VT007 can induce rapidly repeated skeletal muscle contraction, which can enhance the physical exercise effectiveness.

The unique muscle contraction stimulation may be used as a therapeutic intervention for musculoskeletal, neuromuscular and circulatory disorders. The physiological processes behind muscle contraction are beneficial for self-healing and general health improvement.

If used incorrectly, vibration may adversely impact the user.

Scientific studies on vibration therapy is very limited. There is no solid proof in terms of modality and efficacy for any treatment application. The negative affects of vibration intervention have not being scientifically examined.

Please read the disclaimers, cautions and exceptions on our website. The health benefits suggested or implied on our websites and product literature are not certified or endorsed by any regulatory authority or medical institute.

Tech Specs

Vibration Pattern Linear Vibration
Vibration Frequency 15 - 40 Hz Adjustable, 1 Hz incremental
Amplitude at Hi*
1.3 - 3.1 mm at no load
Amplitude at Lo* 1.2 - 1.8 mm, at no load
G-force @No Load: 0.51-2.71
@180Lb: 0.25-2.08
Machine Size 560mm x 480mm x 18mm
L22" x W19" x H7.1"
Machine Net Weight 11.7 KG / 25.8 LB
Electric Motor 80W PMDC Motor, 900-2400RPM
Power Supply US Model: AC 110V / 60Hz
Europe Model: check out Model VT007
Max User Body Weight 120 KG / 264 LB

Frequency Range Designed for Resonance

VT003F's vibration frequency range is designed to match the natural frequency of human soft tissues in order to achieve resonance effect. At resonance, the vibration most effectively induces muscle contraction, creating a high intensive and rapidly repeated mechanical stimulation to our musculoskeletal system and neuromuscular system. Such a unique stimulation may be utilized as a medical intervention for health improvement.

The chart below exhibits vibration frequency ranges of different types of vibration plates, compared to the natural frequency of human body soft tissues.

Designed to Achieve Muscle Resonance Vibration Frequency Comparison

Control Features

User can adjust session time, frequency, and amplitude from either the remote control or the control panel.

VT003F has a manual control mode and three program modes.

Manual Control

In manual control, user can adjust the following parameters.

Session Time 1 - 20 minute, default 10 minutes
Frequency 15 - 40 Hz, one hertz incremental
Amplitude Lo / Hi switch

Program Control

VT003F has three program modes (P1, P2 and P3). Each automatically run a spectrum of frequencies, changing every 5 seconds, in a total 10-minute session time.

In P3 mode, amplitude switch is added to the frequency change spectrum.

The charts below exhibit the frequency spectrum and amplitude switch.

P1 - Low Amplitude - Relaxation vibration frequency pattern P1 Time Line (Second)
Each dot represents a 5 second period vibration.
Green dot: Low Amplitude | Red dot: High Amplitude

Download VT003F User Manual

Useability Issues

Floor Vibration & Machine Drifting

Floor Vibration

While VT003F transmits vibration to the user, it also transmits vibration to the floor. Ideally, VT003F should be used on a solid floor that does not vibrate.

If used on a wood frame floor, VT003F will vibrate the floor and the connecting structure. Overtime, the vibration will cause damage to the structure.

If needed, place anti-vibration cushion beneath the machine to absorb some vibration.

To achieve better result in absorbing vibration transmitted to the floor, a large piece of exercise mat is recommended.

In a light-frame wood structure house, VT003F should be used on the ground floor or in the basement.

Never use VT003F in a mobile home.

Machine Drifting

VT003F is light weighted (26 LB). If there is no body weight on the vibration plate, the vibration generated centrifugal force can overcome the machine weight and cause the machine to drift on the floor.

The 4 suction feet of V003F can effectively hold onto a flat and smooth floor to prevent the machine from drifting.

VT003F does not drift on a carpeted floor because the carpet provides some buffer and friction that prevents the machine from drifting with vibration.

It is suggested to use VT003F on a solid floor with carpet.

Always keep your body on the machine when the machine is running on vibration. Never let VT003F to run unattended.

Uneven Vibration Distribution

VT003F's vibration is not evenly distributed on the surface of the upper plate.

  • When the vibration amplitude is set at High, the vibration intensity is off the center line towards the control box direction.
  • When the vibration amplitude is set at Low, the vibration intensity is off the center line away from the control box direction.
  • If the user's body weight is not centered on the vibration center, the springs will produce excessive noise.
un-centered distribution of vibration

The attribute of uneven vibration distribution comes with VT003F's two amplitude setting design. The amplitude change are achieved by changing motor rotation direction to engage different numbers of eccentric wheels.

At forward rotation, the motor engages 3 pairs of eccentric wheels to produce high amplitude. At backward rotation, the motor engages 1 pair of eccentric wheels to produce low amplitude.

The forward rotation push the vibration intensity center forward to the control box. The backward rotation push the vibration intensity center backward, away from the control box. The higher the vibration frequency, the farther the vibration center is a away from the center

User body weight should be put right above the vibration intensity center for a balanced vibration. Otherwise the vibration can create uneven gaps between the springs and the upper plate, which will cause excessive mechanical noise.

Vibration Noise

VT003F's noise is a combination of sound wave noises and mechanical noise.

Sound wave becomes audible to human ears when the vibration frequency is about 20Hz. Sound wave noise is not avoidable.

noise of vibration

Mechanical noise is produced by the friction and impact between the moving parts of the vibration machine. It is also not avoidable, but could be reduced through design optimization, parts precision and assembly accuracy improvement.

As VT003F is designed for household use, we have been making a lot of efforts to reduce its mechanical noises, in order to achieve better user experience.

One of the major source of mechanical noise is the striking between the upper plate and the supporting springs, due to the gaps produced between these two components during vibration. This noise will be greatly reduced when user steps on the machine with body weight centered.

VT003F's noise level, at the highest vibration frequency and high amplitude setting, is between 59dBA and 65dBA, measure at 6 inches above the machine. This range is between the noise level of a dishwasher and a vacuum cleaner.

The Clunk Sound
Eccentric wheels

This is not an issue.

When you start the machine or switch the amplitude between Hi and Lo, you may hear a clunk sound. This is normal.

This sound is produced because eccentric wheel strikes the position block when the motor starts or reverses its rotation direction. VT003F switches amplitude by reversing motor rotation direction to engage either 1 pair or 3 pairs of eccentric wheels.

This strike does not do any harm to the machine. It is not a problem.

In P3 mode, the machine automatically switches the amplitude multiple times in a session as programmed. Therefore, you will hear clunk sound each time when the amplitude is switched, and you know the amplitude is switched when you hear the sound.

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)

Like other household electric appliances, VT003F produces electric and magnetic fields (EMF). EMF is actually two types of energy fields that are measured separately.

EMF exposure of VT003F

The machine's magnetic field strength increases as the machine's vibration frequency and amplitude increase. The maximum magnetic field strength measured at one foot above VT003F's upper plate is 1.3 milligauss at the highest intensity setting.

The electric field strength does not follow the change of frequency or amplitude. VT003F's electric field strength measured at one foot above the upper plate is 44 V/m.

The type of EMF generated by VT003F is called extremely low frequency, or ELF EMF. Scientists have not found this type of EMF poses any safety concern to human.

EPA advises that there is no clear scientific evidence that EMF affects health. EPA does not define a safe or hazardous level of EMF exposure.

Reader's discretion is advised.

Current Quality Issues and Fixes

VT003F has a reported defective rate of 1.5% during the first year of use. Quality issues mostly exposed within the first month of use. Very few claim cases after the first year.

Our warranty services are prompt, and no any out-of-pocket expense to customers. If the needed fix is an easy part replacement, you can order the part from our e-store.

We started to offer 10 year warranty for VT003F purchased on and after August 1, 2021.

For the potential quality issues and fixes, please check the link below on the right.

Product Pictures

Vibration Training

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