Vibration Plate Model VT020-3

Model# VT020-3 is a powerful model that offers a luxury user experience. This swing type machine vibrating at low to medium frequency, larger plate for higher amplitude. The machine operates very quiet even on its max speed. A bluetooth speaker is built to pair your cell phone so you can listen to music and relax with your whole body on vibration.

Product Data

Type of Vibration Pivotal Oscillation  
Vibration Frequency 5 - 15 Hz swing 5 to 15 times per second
Vibration Amplitude 0.39"  
Machine Size L28" x W16" x H5.9"  
Machine Weight 32.8 LB  
Motor 200 W  
Power Supply AC Single Phase 110V 60Hz  
Additional feature: Built-in Bluetooth speaker
Vibration Plate VT020-3
Model VT020-3 Front View

Model VT020-3 Back View
Vibration Plate VT020-3
Model VT020-3 View from Top
Model VT020-3 View from Bottom
Vibration Plate VT020-3
Model VT020-3 User Demo

Vibration Plate Model Comparison
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