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Standard Shipping Method

Our standard shipping method to Alaska and Hawaii is through USPS Priority Package service. The transit time usually takes 2 to 3 days. Remote location may take a little longer. Please check with your local postal office.

For orders to Alaska and Hawaii, customers pay for shipping. The shipping charge will be calculated on our ecommerce website after you enter your address, before order submission.

For shipping replacement parts to Alaska and Hawaii under our 10 year warranty term, we are responsible for the shipping charge.

Alternative Shipping Method

You may also use alternative shipping service to save your shipping cost.

Customers in Alaska may use Carlisle Transportation to transit the order from Tacoma, WA to Alaska. This way customers can save on shipping cost by taking advantage of our free shipping service to Tacoma, WA.

About Carlisle Transportation

"Carlile is a full-service Alaskan trucking and logistics operator dedicated to connecting the world to Alaska. Since 1980, Carlile Transportation has provided complete supply chain solutions to support Alaska's retail, oil and gas, mining, construction, and commercial fishing industries. Carlile also provides shipping logistics and solutions for Alaska consumers. "

Carlisle's website:

Please note Vibration Therapeutic is not associated with Carlisle Transportation. We do not know their working process.

We have customers in Alaska used Carlisle's transit service in Tacoma, and recommended it to us, and we share this information through our website. If you use Carlisle, you need to work out the arrangement with them and be responsible for the risk.

For Hawaii customer, we don't know any alternative shipping method yet. Your recommendation is welcome! We can share it on our website.

Pictures from Rick Shaw, Alaska

Rick Shaw shares with us his photos, breathtakingly beautiful sceneries of Alaska.

Rick lives in Alaska. He builds and sells mountain bikes. He purchased a VT007 from us. He is the customer that told us about using Carlisle Transportation for orders from Alaska.

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