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Warranty & Return

10 Year Product Warranty

On and after August 1, 2021, all VT vibration plates purchased in the US, through our ecommerce store, our Amazon store or resellers, come with a 10 year product warranty, a change from the previous 2 year warranty.


For any warranty service, there will not be any out-of-pocket expense for the customer. We assure a smooth and easy warranty service process.

Please register your VT vibration plate on our website with the purchase date and order number.

View the complete warranty policy and download warranty document.

Geographic Coverage

This product warranty and free return policy of Vibration Thearapeutic cover the orders from the United States.

Currently the 10 Year Warranty is only for the purchases in the US. Please check our website for update on warranty terms for other regions.

  For order from other countries, buyer will need to pay for the shipping cost related to the return, replacement and warranty services.